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กูเกิ้ลเพิ่มระดับความเทพ เพื่อการท่องเน็ตที่เร็ว และ ปลอดภัย (ภาคภาษาอังกฤษ)

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome is advancing quickly. Its climbing up the browsers market in a very quick pace. Google Chrome used to be a quick and simple web browser, but now google are focusing on improving the visual side of the browser with installable themes and extensions.

There is a large variety of extensions already available... some of the hits from firefox are already created and can be used on Chrome. Extensions like mouse gestures, firebug or adblocks. Here are 10 of the top hits.

Without a doubt the most versatile extension for any gmail and google user, is the gmail notifier or checker. It displays how many new mails you have, a simple click of the icon send you to your account. Install now

One of my favorite firefox extensions. I didn't need IE to see how crappy designs looked for Internet Explorer users. IE tab opens the current page you looking and renders it just like a real IE browser would... without js or css compatibility. Designers should have this one ... comes in handy. Install now

Just like all ad blockers... Blocks popups, flashes and other annoyances from the advertising web world.
Install now

Google Wave Notifier ... though I don't see many people using wave nowadays ... it kinda came and left really. Install now

ChromedBird. its embeds a twitter widget to your chrome browser. You can Post new tweets , reply to messages and much more. Install now

Smooth Scroller. I believe this is default on MAC computers...? correct? when you scroll is eases in and out... in simple words is scrolls smoothly. Install now

Facebook notifier. This is an improved version of the first facebook notifier. This on doesn't only show you new requests, messages and so forth, but it also allows you to post messages, reply to PMs. Many new functions have been added, you can check your profile, check your wall or notifications, all in one tab. Install now

Beautify Facebook. This application reminds me of greasemonkey or stylish for firefox. This extension changes the css of facebook... making the facebook page look a whole load better. Install now

Chrome mouse gestures. This was another favorite of mine from firefox... use the right click and a gesture to manage the pages and tabs on google chrome. Install now

This is an extension that allows you to easily use Firebug Lite.

Firebug Lite is a tool for web developers, that allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.Install now

Credit : http://www.ego-one.com
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