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Getting the Best Out of E.P.

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Rank04 Getting the Best Out of E.P.

Post by admin on Sun May 30, 2010 8:32 pm

Getting the Best Out of E.P.

Hello !! My name is Wanwarang Permpornsakul. My nickname is White.^_^ I’m going to study in M.4, Science-Japanese programme of Triamudomsuksa School. I graduated from the English Programme Benjamarachutit School.
I would like to share my experience that made me succeed while studying 3 years in the English Programme and also in the entrance examination for M.4.
Since I knew that I had a chance to study in the English Programme of Benjama, I was very glad and excited because it was the first time I had learned almost every subject in English! I thought that it must very fun and challenging.
When I was in M.1 the first problem that I ,and also some of you who have never studied with foreign teachers before, faced is “ I do not understand what they say”. I think you shouldn’t worry about that because the teachers will try to speak slowly, clearly, and loudly (in my class A.Jan usually says this sentence ^0^) and then you’ll be gradually accustomed to their accent. Don’t forget to bring your dictionary to school every day because you’ll learn lots of new vocabulary especially in Social studies and Science. When you go home, try to complete all of your homework (don’t copy your friends otherwise you’ll learn nothing). If you don’t understand the lessons, try to ask the teacher or a friend to explain them to you) and then recite the new vocabulary you’ve learned in class. This vocabulary will help you a lot when studying in M.1, M.2, M.3, and also in the future. You shouldn’t study too many extra classes because almost all M.1’s tests come from what you’ve learned in class at school. However, if you want to study extra classes, I recommend that Maths and English are the good ones you should study because these will help to improve your skills for studying in the English Programme.
For M.2, some students think that it must be more relaxed than M.1 but I’d like to say that it isn’t. You’ll have much more homework and reports to do every week, especially in Science. You must be more diligent but not be serious. Try to read the chapters you’ve studied each day and make yourselves understand what you’ve learned(it’s just one or two pages a day) so that you can understand and be able to explain the lessons easily before the test and then get good marks. You shouldn’t start reading just one night before the test because I think no one can remember and understand all of the lessons in one day. About one or two weeks before the examination, you should start reading and make short notes for each subject so that you can understand and remember the lessons more easily. Try to make the short notes by yourselves; do not copy from your friends because you’ll understand nothing. For M.2 one more subject that you can study for an extra class is Science, including biology (about the human body) and earth Science(วิทย์กายภาพ เช่น โลก ดาราศาสตร์ ดิน หิน แร่) but I think you can buy the books and read them by yourselves. Being responsible for your homework, reports, and always re-reading what you’ve studied are important things that will help you succeed in the future. Remember! Most of the M.4 entrance exams also come from what you’ve studied in M.1 and M.2 (not only in M.3).
When you are M.3 students you should have studied math, biology, chemistry, and physics of M.1-M.3 since the end of semester of M.2(during the long vacation) because when you’re in M.3 you have to study harder so you’ll have less time to study extra classes. If you have studied all of them, you can re-read and do exercises or tests to improve your skills and get yourselves ready for the M.4 entrance examination. For other subjects such as Social Studies, you don’t have to be worried about them; just pay attention in class and read the sheets the teacher gave you or you can find some interesting Thai books that will make you understand the lessons more clearly. For Mathematics, try to complete the homework sheets that the teacher gives you day by day. As I’ve said, if you don’t understand how to do it, ask the teacher or your friends to help you. The more you work, the more you get. At night after finishing doing your homework, you should read books or do some tests of M.4 entrance exams for 1-2 hours because it will help you be more skillful in the real examination. Before reading or doing exercises in the book, you should determine that that day or that week you’ll read or do how many pages or chapters so that you are able to set the aim of how many chapters or subjects you can read or do in a month. For example, if there are three months left before the examination, you can determine that the first month you’ll read Science and Math, the second month you’ll read English and Thai, the first week of the last month you’ll read Social Studies, and the last three weeks you’ll do the tests of every subject so that you’ll get ready in time before the real entrance examination for M.4 will come.
Oh! Another important thing I want to tell you is you should always do exercise or play sports you like. For me, I went to play tennis every evening after the school finished. It makes me feel relaxed and it’s fun so I’ll be happy to continue doing my homework or reading books when I reach home. In the second semester of M.3 if you have less time to play sports (because you must have more time for reading books), you can go jogging around or in front of your house for just about 15 minutes, it will make you feel more vigorous. No matter if you think it’s an important thing or not, but for me, it is. Exercise also makes you healthy and sleep well at night so that you won’t be sleepy during the day at school. Just 2 hours a week you can play the musical instrument you like. It will make your brain relaxed from studying the whole week. If sometimes you’re so serious or nervous from studying, you can listen to music, sleep, or play computer games (but not too much!). These will make you feel more relaxed. These are all of my experiences of studying 3 years in E.P. that I’d like to share with you. >__<
The last thing I want to tell you is ‘we are very fortunate that we have a chance to study in this English Programme which gives us good the impressions and a good experience with lovely teachers who always take care of us and also the good friendship you receive from your friends’. Do your best! Good Luck!!

Credit : http://www.benjama.ac.th/EP/Index.html

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Rank04 Re: Getting the Best Out of E.P.

Post by HEWHEW on Thu Jun 03, 2010 6:51 pm

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