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3.Begin Our Japanese with Hiragana

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Rank06 3.Begin Our Japanese with Hiragana

Post by zenjigame on Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:09 pm

Hi all of you that interested in japanese language this is the first topic that you will really learn japanese. From the above topic you will see that we have three kind of alphabets in Japanese that is Hiragana Kantakana and Kanji so in this topic we will deeply look at Hiragana the major alphabet that use in Japanese

Hiragana has 46 charecters as you know we will start at the first section "a"

in "a" section we have 5 charecters that is a i u e and o please look at this chart


"a" ..............................
all of 5 charecters is a japanese vowel sound and the first 5 charecters out of 46 too so please remeber these charecters how its pronounce and its look like

I will give you only five charecter per topic from now on until we totally finished 46 of them so only 5 charecters a day isn't hard for you I'm sure

so next for easy memorization I will give you some of word that use these 5 charecters

blue (color) [ADJ.]

love [N.]

House [N]

up, above [N]

King [N]

That is your Vocab for this topic for the * mark please notice that Japanese sound is pronounce in short sound but it also have a long sound and how to make a long sound in hiragana is simple take a look

if you want to use a long sound in Japanese we have two ways to do it in hiragana that is

1. double the vowel sound directly likes
ああ you will receive "aa"
いい you will receive "ii"
うう you will receive "uu"
ええ you will receive "ee"
おお you will receive "oo"

2. is for the sound え and お only this two sound is special not only the above method is possible え、お also can use the sound い、う to make a long sound for them likes
えい you will receive "ei"
おう you will receive "ou"
that also the long sound but please noticed that in fact it has a same longsound but different in meaning example
おう is mean the king but おお is mean large so how you can seperate this two long sound? in japanese the double mathod will give you a high sound like when you excliam Ohh ! for more example I think A. Nuan-Anong can pronounce it for you go and ask her ^^ if you don't understand. its a little bit hard to explain in a word

so that is for this topic until next plz remember Vocabs and charecters


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