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5. Sa Section Clear, Unclear sound and Adjective description

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Rank06 5. Sa Section Clear, Unclear sound and Adjective description

Post by zenjigame on Sat Aug 21, 2010 10:21 pm

Hi Everyone long time since the last topic lol srry for being so late. Lately I have many works to clear so now we will move to next section "s" as the last topic "s" section also have 5 charecters that is sa shi su se so

sa さ

shi し

su す

se せ

so そ 

so for the vocab of this topic

かさ N. Umbella

かお N. Face

せかい N. World, Earth

さく V. Bloom, Sprout

あさ N. Morning

くさ N. Grass

しお N. Salt

いす N. Chair

いそがしい* ADJ い Busy

That are the new Vocabs for you and next to day I want to teach you more about the Adjective and Sound in Japanese so let's start with

ADJECTIVE in Japanese
in Japanese we seperate the adjective into to kinds that is Adjective - i or we call ADJい and adjective-na or we call ADJな the different between these two ADJs is the way they change in a sentences when the sentences change the tenes like VERB of Japanese that we have known before so when the sentences change the form of tense the ADJ also change its form too but just know that we won't go into deeper information right now and next is the sound of Japanese

SOUND of Japanese
as you have known Japanese has long and short sound already but they also have clear and unclear sound too

Clear sound
clear sound in japanese mean that sound that naturally pronounce out that is all of the 11 section but if you notice thr * mark in the last word today you will see that it's the sound "ga" from the word いそがしい (isogashii) that not in any of 11 sections. So where is this sound come from ? the sound "ga" is a unclear sound of 'ka' section

Unclear sound
unclear sound is a sound that Japanese don't have at the early when they pronounce they just add it up later for easier pronounciation we use two symbol to identify the unclear sound that is " call ten-ten and ゜ call maru this is the way to use it

for ten-ten we use in ka sa and ha section

for ka section normally we pronounce ka ki ku ke and ko 「か、き、く、こ、」but when we add the ten-ten symbol to this section we got the sound ga gi gu ge and go 「が、ぎ、ぐ、げ、ご」plz one thing that very special is if ga gi gu ge and go is a first charecter of the word it will pronounce /g/ sound but if it a second or other orders thai isn't the first of the word it will pronounce /ng/ sound like the word いそがしい normally we type iso[ga]shii but when we read we must read iso[nga]shii
for sa section like the ka section generally we pronounce sa shi su se and so「さ、し、す、せ、そ」but when we add ten-ten mark next to the charecters we get za ji zu ze zo「ざ、じ、ず、ぜ、ぞ」 and the ha section we will talk later

as same as ten-ten maru also change clear sound to unclear sound but only do with ha section that we will learn later

so that all about this topic if you confused or do not nderstand whatever in the topic plz ask i will try to explain more easier if you don't understand until next time plz remember the words and Vocab bye.


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