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6. Ta section

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Rank06 6. Ta section

Post by zenjigame on Fri Aug 27, 2010 6:16 pm

Srry for too late for this topic. I made up my mind to update the topic weekly so the new topic will pop up every saturday evening. So let's start the lesson

Today is a forth line of japanese letters that is Ta section

た = ta

ち = chi*

つ = tsu*

て = te

と = to

O.K the first thing I want to say is in this section we have 2 difficult pronounciation of letter that is the letter ち and つ

If you can remember we also have the sound like "chi" in sa section that is the sound "shi" ち and  し isn't the same sound but closely pronounce the same the different is very complicated to describe so I think the best way is ask A.nuan-anong again ^^" also for the sound "tsu" in this section and "su" in sa section つ and す not really the same sound too. so plz ask A.nuan-anong for how different of this 2 pair of letters let's begin our vocab for today

1. つくえ table N.
2. たかい high (in heigh, in price,) ADJい
3. あたたかい warm ADJい
4. おたく house (of other person) N
5. さとう sugar N
6. こうこう high school (M.4-M.6) N
7. がっこう* school N
8. がくせい* student (in university ) N
10 せいと student (secondary school) N
11. うき rainy season N
12. あき autumn N
13. ちち father (of mine) N
14. した below, under N
15. うえ upper, over N

cluster sound

In japanese we also have a special letter for pronounce a special sound on of it is the "small tsu" letter 「っ」 
this is a normal tsu つ and this is small one  っ this special tsu is use to pronounce the cluster sound

What is cluster sound

Cluster sound is a sound that we bring the first letter of the second alphabet to be a last consonant of the first alphabet like the word I gave you かっこう in Romanji it show as kakkou so between the small tsu we have the letter か and  こ so the second letter is こ that is "ko" in romanji and the first letter is か that is ka in romanji so the first letter of ko is k and the we duplicate this "k" and put it as a final consonant of the word "ka" so we got kakkou the bold "k" is the "k" that we duplicate then in romanji we write it kakkou but in hiragana the duplicated "k" we use the small tsu represent it. So we get
かっこ not only k sound if you see the word さっし the second letter is shi and the first is sa so we bring s from the shi and duplicate it then out as the last consonant of sa so we get sasshi. small tsu can represent any letter but what is the letter that it represented you must look at the second alphabet

If you confused the plz ask be a Question see you next time hope you wull practice and memorize all today vocab bye ~


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