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7. Na section and Distance explanation

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Rank06 7. Na section and Distance explanation

Post by zenjigame on Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:09 pm

Let's continue our Na section as same as other section Na section has 5 alphabets that is

な- na
に- ni
ぬ- nu
ね- ne
の- no

and this is today vocab

あなた N - you
ねこ N - cat
あにい N - older brother
あねえ N - older sister
ここ prep - this
そこprep - that
あそこ prep - that (โน่น)
この+N - this
その+N - that
あの+N that
いぬ N - dog
なに QW word - What
かねN - money
さかな N - fish
きのこ N - mushroom
しぬ V1 - die

Grammar How to tell the distance in Japanese

in Japanese we have set of a word that use in explanation of distance we call it set of "ko, so, a, do"

why it call ko so a do ? because every word bedin with that 4 letter ko so a and do so we start the first set that is

ここ koko mean this
そこ soko mean that (นั่น)
あそこ asoko mean that (โน่น)
どこ? doko? mean where ?

* this set of dostance explanation must followed with helping word only helping word

Set 2

Have the same meaning of above set but * important this ser folllowed with Noun not a helping word

let see the difference

ここ あなた の いえ です。- this is your house
このいえは あなた です。 your house is this

See the different a little of confuse becuause you didn't learn the helping word yet but plz notice the way it use first

that is for today topic see you next saturday


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