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Maths Learning Techniques by Chakorn

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Rank04 Maths Learning Techniques by Chakorn

Post by admin on Sun May 30, 2010 8:18 pm

Maths Learning Techniques by Chakorn

Greetings! My name is Chakorn Lapanan. I am a former student of Benjamarachutit English Program School and I am now studying in M.6 at Triamudomsuksa School.
I would like to share my experiences about a little achievement that I made my math skills much better.
My math skills have been my biggest problem since I was in primary school because I’m the kind of person who really has a bad sense of math. I always understand math much slower than any other subject.
Obviously, at high school level, the problem still remains and gets worse because high school math is far more complex. I had failed an exam and got a terribly unpleasant score. However, when I was in M.5, 2nd semester, I came to my senses; I decided to be “seriously” determined to improve my math skills. It worked! I got a much better score that made my friends surprised and wonder what was wrong with me.
Therefore, what I want to tell you is that even though you are born with a bad sense of math (or any subjects), it’s not important. If you do make a great attempt, you can succeed.
For those who find yourselves bad at math, here are the methods I used in order to improve my math skills. I hope that they will somehow help you. By the way, I don’t know that they are really good ways, they just worked for me, so I’m not sure that they will be effective for someone else.

1. Realize that you must improve your math skill. Math is an essential subject because most competitive examinations require high math scores. Higher scores mean more chances for you to study in any academic institution.
2. Believe. Anybody can improve math. Don’t judge yourself before you have tried your best.
3. Forget your negative attitude toward math. Look at it like it’s your opponent you want to beat.
4. Remember "There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch". If you want to improve the skills, you must exercise. This statement is true for everybody. It doesn’t matter if they have math talent or are dumb, if they don’t practice, they won’t succeed
5. Make the first step. This is the most important part in my opinion because it took me about 17 years until I seriously started to do math exercises by myself. Also set your goals. I started with a small goal like “I’m going to make grade 4 this semester”.
6. Time. I think of how many hours I spend after school with entertainment like the computer or television. It’s 5 hours a day! So I just get 1-2 hours from it for doing exercises.
7. Doing math exercises daily. At first, I spent only an hour for the math exercises everyday. This made me unhappy and I wanted to halt but when time passed, I got used to it and it became my daily routine (at that time).
8. Beware of Procrastination. If you feel like you really don’t want to do the exercise, or don’t have time, just do 1 or 2 problems. That is because once you put off doing it, you will find that it is hard to go back again.
9. Math homework is your good friend. It’s easy for me to concentrate on doing math homework because once I do it, I will improve the skills and get a good score. It is worth doing, isn’t it?
10. It’s the fact that, in math, no matter how well you understand the concept, lots of hard problems require that you have seen them before in order to be able to handle them.
11. If you find that some units (like trigonometry) are hard to understand, try to do lots of exercises. Sometimes, the exercises will help you to understand.
12. Even if you have the wrong answer to a problem, try not to get discouraged, but be encouraged to keep trying to solve the problem.
13. Practice,Practice,Practice
14. If the result is not as good as what you hoped, don’t be upset. At least you have once tried to fix your problem. You will not have a regret like “Why didn’t I do that when I still had time to improve myself?”

In a nut shell, all you need to do to improve math skill is doing exercises as much as you can.
The methods I told you don’t mean that you must become a nerd. It depends on how well you manage your time. To do the exercises every day doesn’t take so much time that you have to change your daily life!
So, don’t forget to live your life as students should do and don’t abandon your studies. I’m sure you know the proverb “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Keep it in your mind and do it. Now!

Credit : http://www.benjama.ac.th/EP/Index.html

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Rank04 Re: Maths Learning Techniques by Chakorn

Post by HEWHEW on Sun May 30, 2010 8:23 pm


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